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Clearing With Sound: How To Use Tibetan Bells To Clear Energy

Sonic energy cleanses are one of the easiest ways to move stagnant or stale energy in a space. It helps to draw positivity in and “seal” a space which helps prevent unwanted negative energy. One of the reasons they are so popular is because you don’t need to be able to see or sense energy to use them, they are easy to use and they are totally safe for everyone in the family to use – even your kiddies!

Tibetan Bell And Dorji

Tibetan Bell & Dorji

Tibetan bells are made with the same metals as singing bowls, and can be used very similarly. To begin they are coated in symbols, and it’s believed that when they are rung, the vibration activates the symbols sending the sound into your space or aura. Every aspect of these bells is deep with symbolism and significance, here is just a sample of some of the meanings behind the symbols.

  • At the top of the neck is the Vajra Crown, representing the balance of masculine and feminine energy.

  • At the top of the neck you will see a woman’s face. This represents Kwan Yin, who is associated with compassion and love. She is often referred to as the “Goddess of Compassion”.

  • The neck of the bell represents longevity

  • Near the top of the bell you will see 6 rings, which represent the 6 perfections (1) generosity, (2) morality, (3) patience, (4) vigor, (5) concentration, and (6) wisdom

  • The little symbols along the bottom row are the Vajra Fence and represents a combination of indestructibility and irresistible force; creating protection for the user.

  • The “Rim” of the bell is circular, and represents protection.

  • The “Bell” shape represents wisdom and compassion.

  • The Dorji is held in the other hand, and is representative of the Vajra – the combination of indestructibility and irresistible force, as well as the perfect balance of male and female energy.

Tips For Clearing Energy

Use the bell and dorji to clear negative energy by ringing it around the space, or person you wish to clear. Listen to the sound of the bell, the clearer the energy is, the higher it will ring and the more clear the sound will be. If the energy is negative, or stagnant, the bell will ring lowers and sound duller. In many instances the clapper will scrape along the sides instead of ringing. In some situations, it may not even ring at all. For these events, it’s worth it to incorporate other clearing methods. Tibetan bells are also used for prayer and meditation, and sometimes during Reiki attunements. To learn more about using them, or to experience a FREE sonic energy cleanse, come by InSpirit Centre anytime.

Barbara Ford is one of the founders of InSpirit Centre and an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner, & Paranormal Expert. She is known for her detailed readings and deep knowledge of spirituality. Barbara brings a warm welcoming attitude and a down-to-earth approach to everything she does. To book a session with Barbara please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

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