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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

The promise of spring becomes a reality as we shake off the last dregs of a difficult winter. It’s been quite a year so far, and it couldn’t be a better time for a spiritual spring clean. The energy of Aries and the waxing sun is available to us now for a much-needed boost to plant our seeds and forge onward bravely to achieving our highest goals. Even regular house cleaning becomes a magickal act for me as I visualize bringing more light into my space and feeling my home becoming more awakened and buzzing with a life-force of its own. As I sweep crumbs and dust off the floor, I think about how I’m also releasing some old garbage that no longer serves me. I thank it for its lessons and respectfully say goodbye as it falls gently into the trash.

There are many ways to work with the energy of the season to rejuvenate and spiritually cleanse ourselves, our homes, and our spirits. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1) Start by physically cleaning and de-cluttering as desired. Why not put a little extra TLC into an area or object in your home that feels particularly neglected?

2) Energetically cleanse your home with herbs that feel right to you. There are so many nice choices such as palo santo, sage, lavender, or rosemary. You can burn your herbs or experiment with some recipes for floor washes or sprays.

3) If you have an altar, this could be the perfect time to cleanse and reconsecrate everything. Try giving it a new look and perhaps add some seasonal elements that feel right.

4) Try a meditation exercise to cut cords and release unwanted energies and thought-forms.

5) Do a home / yard blessing. Put out some seeds for birds and wildlife.

6) If you a have a green thumb, enough said. You already know what you’re doing far better than me! If you’re trying to recover from a black thumb like I am, try planting a few seeds anyway. Don’t give up! Just keep it simple and choose hearty varieties of plants.

7) Don’t do what I say! Do what feels right to you with no apologies and no guilt. The power of the season will communicate what is needed to those who know how to listen.

Want more fresh ideas? Then read on! One way to spiritually spring clean is to literally start from the ground up. Here’s a little chant I wrote to make the mundane action of sweeping much more magickal!

Chant for Sweeping

By the powers that be of love so bright,

I fill this household with our light!

As I sweep, sweep, sweep the ground,

Darkness flees and blessings abound!

Banish hardship, banish fear,

Let all that’s good to enter here!

Blessed Be!

Christine Ford is a practicing Pagan, and a High Priestess program with the The Temple of Witchcraft. She is a jewelry maker and an Artist. Some of her pieces can be found at InSpirit Centre. She also facilitates workshops including full moon gatherings as well as provides Psychic Crystal Toss Readings and Mediumship Readings at InSpirit Centre. To book a session please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

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