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About Barbara Ford

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Barbara is a Spiritual Advisor,
Psychic Medium, Holistic Practitioner
& Paranormal Expert

Barbara has been practicing many different types of holistic modalities since the mid-1990s and has studied under some of the best psychics and healers in Canada.


She is honoured to continue to receive teachings and guidance from Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Advocates and Leaders. Barbara participates in many indigenous practices, including working with medicines, drumming, dream work, advocacy, and more. This has helped her to reconnect with her own indigenous heritage and reclaim some of her family's lost culture.

Barbara has training and experience with holistic healing techniques such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal Healing, Touch for Health, and Tibetan Energy Massage.  Barbara was honoured as the "Healer of the Month" April 2009 with the Ontario Holistic Registry, was featured on Light-Workers Business in 2014, and was published in the True Blue Spirit Magazine in 2014. Barbara released her first meditation CD  in 2015 entitled "Grounding White Light" which has quickly become quite popular and continues to be so today.


Barbara also conducts Spiritual House Clearings. She was showcased in Fritz Polzer's Documentary for her expertise in Paranormal Phenomena. She has also participated in a several TV shows including YTV's "Ghost Trackers" as a Paranormal Expert.  Barbara was featured in Richard Palmisano's book "Meeting Place of the Dead" for her consultation on a local haunting. In 2019 she was featured in the National Real Estate Magazine regarding her expertise on the impact of hauntings on real estate dealings.


Barbara  enjoys sharing her knowledge and connecting with other holistic and paranormal enthusiasts so she participates in many online forums. She has been consistently voted as Canada's Top Paranormal Expert on Yahoo Answers (An online forum of over 19 million people) from 2007 to 2018 when she left the forum to create her own group on Facebook - Paranormal Enthusiasts of Ontario.


In addition, Barbara is a very accomplished and internationally recognized

Tarot Reader, Crystal and Spiritual Healer. Her sessions are unique because they are considered multi-dimensional; she incorporated different Tarot and Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Photo Reading, Energy Scanning, and Mediumship of connecting in with loved ones  who have passed over. The purpose of her sessions it to help her clients see their situation from a new perspective. She does not tell people how to live their lives, but rather provides new information and perspectives  for the client to help them live their lives more authentically.


While in general she maintains her practice at InSpirit Centre, she does have extensive experience across the Greater Toronto Area and she has conducted sessions in person as far as Thailand, Jamaica, and across Canada and the USA . She has had clients come from all over the world to see her including coast to coast in Canada and the USA, Mexico, Guyana, Guatemala, Jamaica  Trinidad, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Belgium, France, England, Australia, Mauritius Islands, and Russia. Barbara has also provided distance readings to people all over the world.

Barbara is very down to earth, and has a warm non-judgmental attitude making her sessions a life changing experience.


Wonderful reading with my buddy Barb (Barbara) at InSpirit Centre.

I met Barb over 15yrs ago at Earthworks in Brampton. I’ll never forget how her eyes lit up when she first saw me as though our souls recognized each other.

Barb became one of my most significant spiritual teachers who helped open up all that was within me and more in this esoteric, metaphysical, woo woo world.

I am so grateful that she has known me all these years and has seen my growth until now.

It reminded me to take a step back and look at myself through their eyes as confirmation of my inner knowing that I have indeed grown…and that I continue to grow….for that, to me, is the point of LIFE.

Tusha M. Teacher, Brampton Ontario


I wanted to say a big thank you again. I am so grateful to have studied under you and learn from you.  Feeling good. Feeling Excited.
Tasha R. Reiki Master, Georgetown Ontario

I am so grateful to you; you showed me being a spiritual person could
been done with integrity. Until we meet again. All the Best
Carmen D. |Spiritual Advisor. Brampton, Ontario

A new home is not a home until you have the lovely Barbara Ford cleanse the space and you break out some of your favourite stones. 
Steph B. Orangeville. Ontario

I had a wonderful, uplifting reading with Barbra Ford today. Thank you ever so much. I can't wait for the next time. You Rock!
Rae-Ann G. Ontario

Barbara did reiki on my dad when he was in the hospital and he felt pain relief and stress relief. It was s very positive experience.
Shannon S. Georgetown, Ontario

I absolutely enjoyed my meeting with Barbara today. She clarified a lot of things for me. It was my first ever encounter with a medium and can see the benefit of seeking skilled spiritual counselors for healing the soul. Thank you ladies for today. I fully appreciate what you are doing and hope to see you again soon.

Joseph J, Georgetown, Ontario

Thanks for today. Always feels like a big weight off my shoulders after seeing you! Provides a great sense of peace.
Melissa K, Consultant, Georgetown, Ontario


I finally took charge of my gifts. I feel like I have finally arrived. 

Thank you for helping me.
Andrew M. Brampton, Ontario


Thank you so much for the reading! I am giddy with excitment about it and the information you shared with me. Thank you so much!
Adahn C. Artist, Grand Prairie, Alberta



I have taken many courses with Barb. She makes them FUN and I always leave feeling happy and pleased with what I have learned. I also have had a reading from Barb which was very enlightening.
Cheryl M. Admin, Brampton, Ontario



The reading I had with Barbara was so accurate, enlightening and one of the best I have ever had. Her direct delivery, skill and professionalism is outstanding. Being a holistic practitioner myself I really appreciate the quality.
Barbara P., Holistic Practitioner, Toronto, Ontario

 I love all of your your workshops. Thank you for hosting them and helping so many people. I appreciate so much the help and kindness that you give to me when I am at your shop. I love the way you make each person feel special and loved!!!  You're doing great!!!! 

Karen M. Teacher, Halton Hills, Ontario



I wanted to thank you for today's session. It was very informative, and your readings about me were 100% accurate.
Neha S. Financial Advisor, Brampton Ontario


Thank you again for the class today, Barbara. The meditation was beautiful and the experience was so great!
Sydney G, Georgetown Ontario


I wanted to take the time to let you know I sincerely enjoyed our session yesterday!  Not only was it enlightening but your counselling along with the reading was invaluable and really shed so much light on what I need to do for the near future of my business.  I feel so much clearer as well lighter.

Your session has taken away so much uncertainty when I awoke this morning I literality feel I could take on the world lol!!I

Traci-Lee W. Entrepreneur  Halton Hills, Ontario



Just wanted to say Thank You again for today's reading.  It was so inspiring.  You're amazing!

AnnaMaria C. Healer, Halton Hill, Ontario



I've had Reiki done a few times with Barbara. One time was very special as my nana who had passed away came through to me. Reiki with Barbara is amazing because it calms me, keeps me centered and I feel great for days after.

Andrea T. Social Worker, Kitchener, Ontario


I had asked Barbara a prior question regarding relationships in the past,
and it turned out to be uncannily accurate.
Sonia N. Nurse, Florida, USA​​

I found that Barbara was very intuitive and very on the ball. She is really good with reading emotions as well. I found her to be very grounded, focused and ​empathetic. I enjoyed my reading a lot! I highly recommend her.​
Sharan S. Customer Service, Brampton, Ontario​​



Just a Thanks!
Thank you Barbara for taking the time to read my post and sharing your experiences and knowledge. I am always enthused to meet people who get up, and go out and try to find answers to things that are a mystery.
Keep up your work, the world needs more like you.

Kris. Mom, Wisconsin, USA,



Thank you so much..... you have a beautiful talent. Thanks for sharing it with me
Kathy B. Teacher, Brampton, Ontario​​



I found my reading with Barbara to be very truthful and inspirational. I left with a feeling of peace and purpose.I 've been having problems with my health, and Barb picked up that energy during my reading. She helped with my fears and gave me guidance as to how to heal myself. It changed my life.

Thank-you Barbara
Sandra P. Administrative Assistant, Lakeshore, Ontario​​


Thank you so much for your reading. Your 100% right!! Thank you again.
Laura X. USA


Thank you for helping I don't know what I can do to repay you back I feel better I will do all that you have requested me to do. I feel so much better all over than I have felt in years thank you I can finally get sleep at night thank you so much.
Sandra N. Mom & Student, Martinsville, Virginia, USA


Out of all the psychics I have been too, you seem to be on the level and on the ball with your skills. Thanks.
Jaclyn S. Retail, Brampton, Ontario


I just had an amazing reading with Ms. Barbara Ford! I found her to be very genuine and I really am grateful to have had the experience of my reading with her. She is a fantastic listener who has calmed my worries, has empowered me with information and knowledge. I was not embarrassed to talk to or ask questions of Ms. Ford and felt she was non-judgmental. She has given me some peace towards knowing that I have a content future coming. Ms. Ford was accurate in her descriptions of the current dramas affecting my life. I hope to have another reading with her again when I am at a crossroads and in need of some enlightened advice in the future again. I wish her all good blessings.

Thank you so much & Kind regards
Annie U. Writer, New York, New York, USA

Barbara's Formal Education​

1996 - 2007 Apprenticed under Anne Catherine Morrison along with Carolle Croll, some of best energy workers in Canada. This work included: working with  ghosts, entities, and paranormal phenomena, natural objects such as crystals, stones, shells, etc., reading photographs, divination, programming disks, distance healings, intuitive work, radionics, frequencies, therapeutic touch, reiki, natural remedies, meditations, natural medicine, and aromatherapy.

1996 - Present  Honoured to recieve teachings from a variety of Indigenous people including Elders and Knowledge Keepers

1998:  Reiki Level 1 Certificate, Natural Arts Healing Centre

1999:  Reiki Level 2, Natural Arts Healing Centre, Touch for Health Levels 1 - 4 Certifications, Natural Arts Healing Centre, Tibetan Energy Massage, Natural Arts Healing Centre

2000:  Reiki Master, Natural Arts Healing Centre, Ear Candling, Natural Arts Healing Centre

2004:  Crystal Healing, Alexandra Cureton

2005:  Advanced Divination and Psychic Development, Paula Eagles

2006:  How to make Amulets,  Paula Eagles

2007:  Therapeutic Touch, Levels 1 & 2, Hospice of Peel, Working with the Dying, Hospice of Peel

2009:  Past Life Regression, John Bennyworth

2009:  Akashic Records, Level 1 & 2, Chantal Garneau

2012:  Vipassana 10 Day Meditation Course, Ontario Vipassana Centre,

ASIST: Suicide Awareness Certification, Halton Region

2013:  Attachment Training, Halton Children's Services

2016:  Anatomy & Physiology Diploma, Alison University, UK

2016:  Parapsychology Research and Education, Dr. Nan Zingrone & 
Dr. Carlos Avarado, Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliates Conference


2018:  Working With Marie Laveau Conjure Course, Crossroads University

2020:  Indigenous Canada, University of Alberta

2022:  Trauma Super-conference, Conscious Life

You Go Girl!

2005:  Featured on YTV's Ghost Trackers as a Paranormal Expert


2006:  Featured on Rogers "Arts In B-Town" for expertise in local paranormal investigation


2007 - 2018:  Consistently voted Canada's Top Paranormal Expert in Yahoo Answers an online community with over 19 million members. Barbara left the  forum in 2018.

2009:  Featured as Healer of the Month through Ontario Holistic Registry


​2014: Showcased in LightWorker's Magazine (released - July 2014)


2014:  Barbara's article featured in True Blue Spirit Magazine "5 Steps to Finding the BEST Spiritual Advisor For You"  (Aug/Sept 14 Issue)   


2014:   Paranormal Consultation Expertise featured in Richard Palmisano's book "Meeting Place of the Dead" (released - Oct. 2014)


2015:   Released First Guided Meditation CD: "Grounding & White Light"


2015:   Featured twice on Cogeco's "Halton Insider" for her Paranormal & Psychic Expertise


2015:   Featured on Cogeco's "Halton Insider" as a Paranormal Expert

2016:   Showcased in Fritz Polzer's Documentary on Paranormal Phenomena scheduled released  for February 2016. Click here to read the article.

2016:   Featured in UK Psychic News Magazine scheduled release for spring 2016.

2017:  Grounding breaking paranormal collaborated with the Searcher Group. Click here to read the article.

2017:  InSpirit Centre voted Readers' Choice Platinum Award for Best Specialty   Gift Retailer in Halton Hills. 

2017:   Featured on Cogeco's "Halton Insider" as a Paranormal Expert

2018:  Ran her First Spirited Travel Tour, to New Orleans

2018:  InSpirit Centre voted Readers' Choice Platinum Award for Best Specialty Gift Retailer and the Platinum Award for Best Fashion Accessories in Halton Hills.

2019:  Featured in National Real Estate Magazine in article by Susan Doran regarding expertise on spiritual home clearings & real estate. Click here to read the article.

2019:  InSpirit Centre voted Readers' Choice Platinum Award for Best Specialty Gift Retailer in Halton Hills.

2020:  Interviewed by the Pagan Business Network, an international organization and news.

2020:  InSpirit Centre voted Readers' Choice Platinum Award for Best Collectibles Shop, Best Home Decor/Accessories, and Gold Award for Best Holistic Health/Healing, Best Learning Centre, Best Jewelry Store in Halton Hills.

2021: Featured in Toronto Sun & Georgetown Independent for Paranormal Expertise. Click here to read the article.

2021:  InSpirit Centre voted Readers' Choice Platinum Award for Best Collectible shopping, Platinum Award for Best /Learning Centre & Gold Award for Best Jewelry Store in Halton Hills.

2022: Barbara presented a talk for Halton District School Board about "Crystals: Healing & Hoaxes"

2022: Featured in A Beautiful Life Magazine. Article - Falling In Love With Your Life: How To Create An At Home 1-Day Retreat. Click here to read the article.



I have had Barbara perform two reading for me so far, and both times her accuracy was astounding. She not only was able to tell me about things currently going on in my life, but also could foresee impending things such as a job change and more profoundly the purpose of and the ending of a relationship I was in at the time. I would highly recommend Barbara's services to anyone interested in a tarot reading, reiki session or house clearing!
Tim J. Assistant Manager, Florida, USA


I was referred to Barbara to expand my view of reality. Very skeptical at the time, I was reluctant to send her my four photos. Barbara knew absolutely nothing about me and the four people I chose to "be read", but the readings I got back blew my mind. Honestly, I have no words to describe the quality of Barbara's accurate readings - it's all overflowing emotions! A year later, every time I re-read her perceptive comments, I'm positively shocked, full of gratitude and amazement! The reading I got back about one of the photos touched me the most - it was the photo of my deceased mother, and the reading I got back from Barbara contained very personal bits of information that only I knew. Barbara did a beautiful job, and I would certainly recommend her services to anyone.
Natalie S., Student, Russia


I have contacted Barbara for reiki, ear candling, paranormal investigations, readings and therapeutic touch. As you can tell, I turn to Barbara for just about everything and she has never failed me.
She's always been professional and has a gift for making people feel at ease, even when they're out of their comfort zone. She's extremely intuitive and trustworthy and has made it her life's work to help others as a holistic practitioner.
Her reiki and therapeutic touch sessions are so relaxing. Her readings are professional and extremely informative and she's a wonderful teacher.
Whether it's reiki or tarot that you're interested in, Barbara is patient and always willing to help you learn. Needless to say, Barbara isn't one of the "psychics" that stare into the crystal ball they found on ebay. She truly is a gifted individual and I will continue to call on her in the future.

Lorien K. Wildlife Specialist, Danville, Virginia, USA


I went to Barbara to experience the Reiki sensation that I had read so much about and to see if I could get the pain in my neck/shoulders to disappear. When I was on the table or sitting straight up in a chair the whole one side of my body felt as though it disappeared. It was an odd sensation. I felt this warmth all the way through my body and my cheeks were rosy, a sign to me that energy was flowing. I have never experience that kind of sensation before in my life. Then after a few minutes the feeling came back and I felt more balanced than I have in some a long time. I just wanted to thank Barbara for the difference she has made in the way that I feel after receiving several Reiki sessions with her, I have been feeling stronger and healthier. I came away feeling very calm and centered (as well as rather amazed by some of the things I experienced!)
The healing energy that she channelled has made a big difference for me.
Thank you so much Barbara. I really appreciate all that you have done for me.

Karen K. Administrative Assistant, Parry Sound, Ontario



Thank you, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!
That was extremely kind of you, I really appreciate you taking the time to communicate with her and giving me a true message. I am deeply thankful,

Gisselle A. Student USA



Barbara's reading helped me to identify key issues that were affecting me at the time. She did not push a particular course of action but instead explored the roots of the issues, which helped me to make my own decisions. Barbara is sensitive and trustworthy and I look forward to working with her again.
Lisa M. Teacher, Kitchener, Ontario

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