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Is It Possible To Use Too Many Crystals

One of Our Readers Writes In....

Dear Barbara,

My friend always has her pockets and her purse full of rocks. In fact, she even has them in her bra! I understand the point of crystals for mindfulness but how many rocks should a person use? When is it too many?

Sincerely, Lisa

Dear Lisa,

This is a really great question. Many people subscribe to the more-is-more attitude when it comes to crystals. But sometimes too many can create chaos and confusion. For example, if you combine sunstone which is used for energizing with howlite which is used for calming; it creates confusion and neither aims can be accomplished since they are polar opposite.

Instead of wearing all your crystals at one time, I recommend deciding what your intention and focus is; then use crystals that are complimentary to each other. Which ones best support your specific intention? When in doubt keep it simple.

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