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Tarot Simplified Definitions

Tarot is a fantastic tool to help you learn more about yourself and your life. While it is a very complex system that goes back hundreds of years, here are some basic definitions to help you get started.

InSpirit Centre is pleased to offer a variety of online and in-person workshops to help you on your tarot journey. We also have a variety of Tarot readers available for readings. These can be in-person or by phone.

Major Arcana

0. The Fool - upright themeIgnorance, novice, new beginnings, insecurity, reversed theme: Fallen, halted progress

1. The Magician - upright theme: Change caused by chance not design, manipulates elements reversed theme: Hesitation and delay

2. The High Priestess - upright theme: Wise Woman, great mother, first teacher reversed theme: Does not lose powers, only delayed

3. The Empress - upright theme: All mother, no aspect of the feminine should be neglected in favour of another, wisdom reversed theme: Too much masculine energy (logic), or unbalanced

4. The Emperor - upright themeSecular power, cyclic destruction, stern reversed theme: Too much feminine energy (emotion) unbalanced

5. The Pope (Hierophant) - upright theme: Must look deeper for real truth, illusion, practitioner of magic, faith, religion reversed theme: Too much focus doing the “right thing”, illusion

6. The Lovers upright themeRomantic love, partnership, making a choice, the hero reversed theme: separation

7. The Chariot - upright theme: We’re not in control even when we think we are, “king of the world” reversed theme: Bad new

8. Justice - upright theme: Balancing pleasure & pain, equilibrium, infinity reversed theme: Loss, injustice
*Justice and Strength are reversed in some decks.

9. The Hermit - upright theme: Seclusion, contemplation, starting journey in opposite direction, looking back reversed theme: Great delay, does not lose many element

10. Wheel of Fortune - upright theme: All cycle of time, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, and welcoming new, positive reversed theme: Difficult transformation

11. Strength - upright theme: Mind can always dominate matter, will power, strength reversed theme: Being overwhelmed or overpowered  *Justice and Strength are reversed in some decks.

12. The Hanged Man - upright theme: Ritual Humiliation, uncomfortable trial reversed theme: Possible success but no enjoyment

13. Death - upright theme: Change & Transformation, shift in perception, not circumstantial, end of something reversed theme: Shock, end of something

14. Temperance - upright theme: Love conquers all – sits between death and devil, conquers both, proportion and moderation reversed theme: Loves conquers all – does not change much inverted

15. The Devil - upright theme: Dig deeper for the truth, ask the right question, fraud, trickery, harm,    reversed theme: Magnified of negative definitions, harmful

16. Tower of Destruction - upright theme: upright theme: Sudden change of events, fast destruction, breaking down   reversed theme: Stronger, bigger downfall     

17. The Star -  upright theme: Wish fulfilling, harmony, satisfaction   reversed theme: Broken harmony

18. The Moon - upright theme: Dark night of the soul, standing at the gates of hell   reversed theme: Uneasy state of conscience

19. The Sun - upright theme: Holy male & female twins, triumph and success in all areas  reversed theme: Triumph slightly delayed but not destroyed

20. Judgement - upright theme: Final reckoning, complete, one judgment for eternity  reversed theme: Fame and glory but only temporary

21 The World - upright theme: Ultimate Reality, bliss, reality itself, triumph  reversed theme: Sacrifice, negation of triumph


Psychic games night Barbara Ford InSpiri
Minor Arcana
ace-of-cups- InSpirit Centre Tarot For S
Suit Of Cups

Pertains to matters of the heart.

  • love,

  • sex,

  • romance,

  • marriage,

  • children,

  • family,

  • relationships,

  • emotions

1-ace-of-wands-rider-waite-tarot_ tarot
Suit Of Wands

Pertains to  matters of power. 

  • politics,

  • commerce,

  • conflict,

  • success or failure,

  • winning or losing

  • the game of life

Ace-of-Pentacles Tarot for sale InSpirit
Suit Of Pentacles

Pertains to  matters of money.

  • property,

  • possessions,

  • real estate,

  • inheritances,

  • giving and receiving

ace of swords tarot for sale InSpirit Ce
Suit Of Swords

Pertains to  matters of dire meanings of life.

  • danger, 

  • illness,

  • grief,

  • injury,

  • accidents,

  • hostile forces,

  • setbacks & sorrow

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