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Spiritual Home Clearings / Home Blessings

 A spiritual home clearing or blessing is used to clear negative energies out of your home or business. It refreshes the energy and brings in a more positive energy flow. Different methods can be used based on what is happening in the space, and by your own religious or spiritual beliefs. 


When To Have A Spiritual Home Clearing:

  • Whenevever you move to a new place is a great time to clear out both the old place - to refresh the energy for the new people coming, and to clear the new place to remove the energy of previous inhabitants and to draw in more positivity to your space.

  • It is also helpful whenever there has been prolonged illness or death in the home.

  • Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or negative and need a postive energy boost.

  • Whenever you have concerns of a possible haunting or negative spirits in the home or business.


How Does A Session Work:

Prior to booking a session, you are invited to talk with Barbara by phone or in person, to discuss the nature of your observations, your goals, and Barbara will discuss which spiritual home cleansing techniques would be most appropriate under your specific circumstances.  From there an acceptable date and time is booked for the session.


The length of time for the session will depend on the size of the space, and anticipated methods of clearing. In general, 2 hours is used for most homes.

At the end of the session, Barbara will spend some time with you, to teach you about techniques you can use to maintain positive energy flow in your space.


Cost:  Timing, location, travel and number of InSpirit Centre Team members needed all contribute to the pricing of the clearing. Barbara will discuss this with you, and together you will agree on the price prior to the service being provided.

For More Information Please Call 289-891-7711

Paranormal Expert:

Barbara {click on names to meet our team}


Tibetan Bell Sonic Clearing InSpirt Cent
Free Personal Sonic Energy Cleanse

We are pleased to share that we provide free energy sonic energy cleanses. No fee, and no appointment needed. Pop in any time, as all of our team members are trained. 


Typically we will use a Tibetan Bell or Singing Bowl to help clear off any negativity and bring more positivity to you. 


When To Have A Sonic Energy Cleanse:


  • For Empaths whenever you're feeling drained or overwhelmed

  • Going through a difficult time

  • Feel you may have been cursed or hexed

  • Feel like you can't shake your bad luck

  • Want an energy boost

  • Just want one (you don't need to have a reason)


How Does A Session Work:

Stop by InSpirit Centre anytime, no appointment needed. Ask the store clerk for a sonic cleanse. You may need to wait for a few minutes if they are busy helping other clients. 

They will use a Tibetan Bell or Singing Bowl and go around you to clear negativity and bring in positivity. They will encourage you to breathe deeply through the process. 

The whole session is only a few minutes long. 


There is no fee, but you are welcome to give a tip to the team member if you wish, although its not expected. 

Personal Empowerment & Private Education Services

Private Mentorship:
For Holistic, Intuitive & Paranormal Professionals

Are you a Professional who works in the Intuitive Arts, Holistic Wellness or Paranormal Services? Or do you aspire to be? In these personal mentorship programs Barbara works with you to help you reach your goals for both modality and skills building as well as business developement and professional ethics.


We begin with a free 15 minute consultation to establish your professional aspirations and priorities for mentorhship training. 

After the initial consultation, Barbara will provide you with a written proposal outlining a schedule of private training sessions as well as public courses that may assist you. Each session will include resource notes and homework to help maximize the benefits of your time with Barbara. Throughout your mentorship you will have opportunities to speak with Barbara to help you along the way, or to help you strengthen your new knowledge.

Upon completion of the program as it pertains to your goals, we will have a brief follow up session to help you
choose the next steps you wish to take on your path.


Price varies depending on the complexity, quantity and duration of the mentorship. A full proposal with costs will be provided after the initial consultation.

To Book An Appointment Please Call 289-891-7711

Spiritual Advisor:

​​​Barbara Ford, {click on names to meet our team}
 Schedule:  Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

Relaxation Therapies / Holistic Wellness Services

Unfortunately during Covid; this service is not available. 

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means “Universal Life Energy”. The holistic technique is a gentle hands-on healing art. It moves natural energy through the body releasing blocked and stagnant energy. It also increases blood-flow, and relaxes muscles. Reiki helps to relieve tension and instills balance in body, mind and spirit. It also restores energy and aids the body in its ability to heal itself. It is an excellent source of relief for people suffering from chronic pain.

Reiki Master: 1 hour session  - $100+HST

Save 5% when booking and paying with 48 hours or more advanced notice.

Reiki  Masters Practitioner:

Barbara Ford, Reiki Master {click on names to meet our team}
Schedule: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

Terri Portelli, Reiki Master {click on names to meet our team}

Schedule: Wednesdays, Saturdays


To Book An Appointment Please Call 289-891-7711

Crystal Healing
Unfortunately during Covid; this service is not available. 


Crystal healing is based on the belief that crystals have energies and properties that are able to assist in improving health.  By placing different crystals along the meridians and chakra points, blocked and stagnant energy can be released.  This is an interactive therapy that involves talking through a variety of visualization exercises. My clients find that this is an excellent way to get at the source of emotional issues and help clear them.

1 hour session - $100+HST
Save 5% when booking and paying with 48 hours or more advanced notice.

Crystal Healing Practitioners:

Barbara Ford {click on name to meet our team}

Schedule:  Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

To Book An Appointment Please Call 289-891-7711

Therapeutic Touch
Unfortunately during Covid; this service is not available. 


Therapeutic Touch is a gentle non-invasive method to assist the body in its own healing. By a manipulation of your energy field, I can assist in clearing energy and emotional blockages. These sessions are very gentle in nature, providing relaxation, healing, pain management and comfort to those in need. Therapeutic Touch is practiced in many hospitals and hospice programs. TT is becoming more and more recognized as a beneficial supplemental therapy for people suffering from chronic pain as well as for those who are dying.

30 minute session - $50+HST 

 Save 5% when booking and paying with 48 hours or more advanced notice.

Therapeutic Touch Practitioners:

Barbara Ford  {click on name to meet our team}

Schedule  Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

To Book An Appointment Please Call 289-891-7711

Services are typically held on the 2nd floor, accessed by a staircase. If you need your service to be conducted on the main level, please advise at the time of booking so we can accomodate your needs.


Please know all the InSpirit Team members are trained professionals with significant experience in their fields. All InSpirit Centre members are listed on our "Meet the Team" page. All services are offered at InSpirit Centre.