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Crystal Simplified Definitions

Easy to find alphabetical definitions to help you keep track of what your crystals represent. Can't remember what your crystals are? No problem. Stop by InSpirit Centre; Barbara and Mark are happy to identify them for you.

AFRICAN TURQUOISE balance, prosperity, wisdom


AMAZONITE universal love, alleviate fears & worries


AMETHYST intuition, sincerity, focuses thoughts


AMETRINE abundance, intuition, harmony


ANGEL AURA QUARTZ beauty, self-expression, kindness 

ANGEL’S WING SELENITE (Fishtail Selenite) calming, defusing tension, connect to angels

ANGELITE stone of awareness, compassion


APACHE TEAR grounding, protection


APATITE meditation, creativity


APOPHYLLITE strengthen connection to spirit worlds, healing


ASTROPHYLLITE (Golden Seraphinite)  “illuminating your true self”, tranquil, honesty


AQUA AURA success, abundance, communication


AQUAMARINE stone of courage, good luck, happiness


ARAGONITE  patience, acceptance.

AVENTURINE stone of luck, opportunity

AZTEC CALCITE (Inca Calcite, Rainbow Calcite) universal love, oneness


BISMUTH transformation, organization


BLACK MOONSTONE strengthens intuition, magickal


BLACK OBSIDIAN grounding, protective, intuition

BLACK ONYX grounding protective


BLACK OPAL magnify intention

BLACK TOURMALINE grounding, protective


BLOODSTONE courage, decision making, harmony


BLUE CALCITE soothing, recuperation, relaxation

BLUE CHALCEDONY  The Speakers Stone, communication

BLUE GOLDSTONE encourages faith, happiness


BLUE LACE AGATE soothing, calming, peace


BLUE TIGER EYE (Hawk’s Eye) clarity, peace, soothing

BOTSWANA AGATE balance, soothing, stone of comfort

BOULDER OPAL inner truths, ambition, desire


BRECCIATED JASPER strength, vitality

BRONZITE curse removal, stillness, serenity

BUMBLE BEE JASPER confidence, joy, vitality

CARNELIAN opportunity, courage, vitality


CARBORUNDUM (silicon Carbide) expansion of awareness, organization

CAT’S EYE Concentration, meditation

CAVANSITE The Psychic Stone, chanelling, intuition

CELESTITE connect to angels, wisdom, understanding

CINNABRITE inner freedom, solutions


CITRINE energy, creativity, abundance


CHAROITE stone of acceptance, insight

CHIASTOLITE (Cross Stone) harmony, balance, stability, spiritual awareness


CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE good fortune, youthful, balance


CHRYSOPRASE excel in all areas, joy, truth


CLEAR QUARTZ master power stone, undoes energy blockages on all levels


COBALTOAN CALCITE (Sphaerocobaltite) joy, love, friendship


CROCODILE JASPER (Kambaba stone) invention, insight


COPPER mental agility


COPROLITE (Fossilized Dinosaur Poop) "let it go"

DALMATIAN JASPER playfulness, joy


DANBURITE spiritual growth, enlightenment


DENDRITIC OPAL stone of “duality”, balance

DESERT ROSE SELENITE (Morrocco) strength, affirmations


DRAGON BLOOD JASPER strength, vitality, grounding


EMERALD the “Goddess” stone, patience, iintegrity, unity, balance in relationships


EUDIALYTE make peace with your past

FAIRY STONE good luck, nurturing, grounding


FALCON EYE higher perspective, truth

FIRE AGATE dispel fears, opens creativity, inspiration

FLUORITE concentration, balance, clarity


FUCHSITE  a stone of renewal and regeneration

GARNET loyalty, family, trust

GOLD TIGER EYE concentration, courage, attention to detail

HEMATITE grounding, protection

HERKIMER DIAMOND amplifier of spiritual energy


HIMALAYAN SALT clears energy 


HOWLITE calming, wisdom


IOLITE strengthen family connections, responsibility


JADE wisdom, good luck, prosperity

JET protective, intuitive, spiritual quests

K2 STONE open consciousness, intuition, manifest your dreams

KUNZITE stone of emotion, joy, love


KYANITE (BLACK) energizing and grounding


KYANITE (BLUE) intuition, psychic development, communication


LABRADORITE  a stone of spiritual awakening, journeying, intuition


LARIMAR (Stone of Atlantis, Dolphin Stone) tranquility, soothing, communication


LAVA STONE stability through change


LAZULITE  a “Guardian Crystal”. helpful during difficult times


LEMON CHRYSOPRASE (Citron Chrysoprase) dynamic thinking, inner growth 


LEMURIAN QUARTZ undoes energy blockages, access ancient information, healing, meditation

LEOPARDSKIN JASPER (Jaguar Jasper) Strength, vitality, stability


LEPIDOLITE synchronicities of life, connect to spirit guides, meditation


LUXULLIANITE connects root and heart chakra, deflects negative energy and curing, grounding, protective


MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN reclaim personal power, grounding, protective


MALACHITE significant amplifier of energies around it, journeying. *Dust is toxic. If broken or raw, please throw out immediately and wash hands.


MALACOLLA (Malachite & Chrysocolla) used to help change direction of life. reflection, truth. *Dust is toxic. If broken or raw, please throw out immediately and wash hands.


MANGANITE release unhealthy attachments, let go of grief

MERLINITE (Indigo Gabro) expands awareness, communication with your soul, magick


MIDNIGHT LEMURIAN JADE connects your heart center with the heart center of mother earth, release imbalances 


MICA embrace shadow side and work towards self-improvement


MOLDAVITE  a rare form of  “space glass”. intuition, psychic endeavours, protective from negative alien energies


MOOKAITE (Brecciated Jasper) adventure, vibrancy, encourage optimal health


MOONSTONE new beginnings, calms emotions, enhances intuition & empathy


MORGANITE  The Stone Of Divine Love.  refreshing


MUGGLESTONE  Great stone for empaths, calms the scattered mind


OCEAN JASPER joy, enhancing personal power, self-confidence, self-esteem


ORANGE CALCITE balancing emotions, releasing fear, joy 


ONYX personal strength, master of your own destiny


OPAL AURA QUARTZ hope, optimism, great tool for healers and energy workers


OPALITE transitions, persistence, motivation


OPTIC CALCITE (Iceland Spar) doubles the potency and power when used for magickal purposes



More definitions coming soon....

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