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Small Group Meditation, with Donna McClurg

You probably recognize Donna from in our shop. We are pleased to share she has newly completed a meditation course and is eager to share it with you. In this session Donna will lead you in a relaxing guided meditation. No experience necessary, and everyone is welcome. Please dress comfortable, and bring a light blanket. This is a sitting meditation. Chairs will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your meditation cushion if you prefer.    

Thursdays April 11 & 25, 7pm – 8pm  $25+HST per person per session.  *To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

Make An Intention Bracelet, with Barbara Ford

In this fun workshop, Barbara will guide you through the energies we are in, and help you to set meaningful goals
that align with your soul. Then we will move into making your own unique gemstone bracelet and infuse it with your energy. The best part about this, is the bracelet has meaning that only you will know, and this bracelet will help you to step boldly into your future. All supplies will be provided. 

Saturday April 27   11am – 12pm  $25+HST  *To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

Energy Essential For Empaths Workshop, with Barbara Ford


Empaths and other energy sensitive people, need to take self-care seriously for their own well-being. In this session we explore signs that you have taken on too much energy or are being depleted. We will also discuss ways to energetically manage stressful situations. In this 1-hour session, we will walk you through key warning signs, and daily techniques you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day life. By better managing your overall empathic energy you can greatly improve the quality of your life.


Saturday April 27   1pm – 2pm  $25+HST  *To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711



Intro to Chakras & Meridians, with Barbara Ford

In Eastern Medicine, it is well established that all living things comprise of energy. This energy is defined through Chakras an & Meridians. This session is designed to help you understand what the 7 major chakras are, and how they relate to your health and well-being. We will also explore some key meridians and learn basic methods for clearing them We will close the session by learning some simple techniques you can do on your own to help you keep your chakras & meridians in good working order.

Saturday April 27   3pm – 4pm  $25+HST *To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

Reiki Level 2 Certificate Program, with Barbara Ford

 (4 People Maximum)


As a follow up to Reiki Level 1:

 We will discuss symbols that can be incorporated into your sessions, including symbols for emotional reiki sessions and reiki distance symbols. We will also discuss more of the history of reiki, and work towards refining your skills further.  We will also explore Reiki Symbols and how they can enhance your practice. In addition, you will receive your 2nd attunement.. As with the Reiki level 1, half of the day is spent in theory discussions, and half in practical hands on practise.
*Level 2 completes your Reiki training. Reiki Master Level is only needed if you intend to teach. Handouts and a certificate of participation is included.  Please note: Level 1 and 10 case studies is a prerequisite. Please bring in a photocopy and contact info of your reiki master from level 1, 1 week prior to course if you did not take level 1 with Barbara. 


Sunday May 5 10am – 6pm  Cost: $245 +HST  includes a workbook, an attunement and a certificate of participation
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration.  *To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711


How To Bring More Energy Into Your Home Workshop, with Barbara Ford

We’ve all had moments when you’ve walked into a place and felt “ahh so nice!” We’ve also had times when we’ve walked into places and thought “Bleck!” This is the difference between good and bad energy. In this workshop we explore together different elements that contribute to having positive energy in your home, as well as those that contribute to having negative energy. Learn easy ways that you can keep the energy in your home positive and uplifting so you and your family can feel happier and your home more welcoming.


Saturday May 25   11:30am – 12:30pm  $25+HST *To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711


Tea & Tarot Workshop, with Christine Ford

Are you trying to learn how to read tarot but find it confusing or intimidating? Would you love to get “off book” and into the flow of reading for yourself and others? Would you love to pick up any tarot deck and read it well? If this sounds like you, come and join us for tea and tarot!

Our monthly workshop series is designed to help you learn to read tarot and gain experience through open reading exercises and improving our visual literacy skills. Every month we’ll explore new reading techniques to develop your skills, plus you’ll receive a 10 page handout with card spreads, lessons and resources to add to your collection of learning materials. Everyone Welcome!

Tuesday April 30  and Tuesday May 28 6:30pm – 8:00pm $25+HST per person per session
*To register please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

Interested in a private session?

We are so pleased to share that all our team members are happy to offer their services and workshops for just you and your friends. To learn more feel free to send us an email, or pick up the phone for a chat with the team member you would like to book.  We will even come to you and provide it in the comfort of your own home. What could be better. 

To learn more please feel free to contact us



Did you know we offer our workshops as private parties?

We are pleased to offer a wide range of workshops in the comfort of your own home! So if you have a group of friends who are interested, why not give Barbara a call  or email, we would be happy to quote for you. 

Some of the topics include:

  • Intro To Tea Leaf Reading

  • Intro To Palm Reading

  • Numerology

  • Meditations

  • Spellwork

  • and more!



Ladies Night In Psychic Home Party Tarot
Did you know...


InSpirit Centre offers private sessions for all of our workshops and classes. This is a great opportunity to bond with friends and family and build memories. For more information call Barbara - 289-891-7711


We also offer a FREE monthly newsletter filled with interesting articles and schedule of events. To sign up simply contact us with your name, phone # and email address. Its that simple.



more  exciting courses coming soon....

All of our workshops are held at InSpirit Centre and facilitated by experienced professionals who are certified in their fields.


Workshops are typically held on the 2nd floor, accessed by a staircase. If you need your workshop to be conducted on the main level, please advise at the time of booking so we can accomodate your needs.

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