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Trick Or Treat Card Spread

Using different card spreads will elevate your readings dramatically, because it creates context for you to frame your intuition and the various card meanings. By using seasonal fun spreads allow you the stretch your mind in new ways, and bring a playful side to card reading. And lets face it, studying tarot is often a very frustrating and confusing process, so why not grab a little fun when you can?

Here are some different ways you can use this spread.

For Self-Reflection

Begin with focusing on the themes of Halloween. The key to this spread is to use some of the most popular aspects of Halloween as symbolism of what is happening in your life this season.

Its also an opportunity to look back into your childhood. For some, this will bring you to a simpler time. For others, it may bring you back to a very troubled time. Either way, these times impacted what kind of an adult you chose to become. Sometimes this is conscious, but sometimes it isn't.

One of the core themes of Halloween is about masks and hiding what is real. This card spread gives you an opportunity to explore your own nature and your life more deeply.

For Creativity

This same spread can be used as the building blocks for creative writing. What characters could you create this season? What challenges and strengths will this card spread give to them? I recommend keeping in the themes of Halloween and all the variety it shares with us, both the fun side and the spooky side.

*For extra fun we recommend trying one of the many "Halloween" inspired tarot and oracle decks available at InSpirit Centre. Please call us for details of decks and costs. Remember shipping is available.

Barbara Ford Is an Internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner and Paranormal Expert. She has been providing professional tarot readings since the mid 90s, and has clients all over the world. She is known for her indepth details and compassionate attitude. Barbara works exclusively out of the InSpirit Centre in Georgetown Ontario. To book a session please call InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

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