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When & Why You Should Book An Intuitive Reading

crystal balls & Oracle Cards

With the hurried rush of our daily schedules, uncertainties of world events, and the internal drive make every moment count, it’s no wonder that we’re trying to understand the deeper meanings of life. And with that quest comes the urge to seek outside counsel to help make sense of the world and your place in it. This is the reason why so many people turn towards psychics, mediums are card readers for guidance and help. In fact, some statistics show that the number of people who go to a Spiritual Advisor has gone up almost 83%.

So what do people want to know? People often ask about relationships, careers and their personal life. Readings are a great way to look at your life as it is from a new perspective. Sometimes we overlook something as being unimportant whereas an outside perspective may see it as an integral part of why you may be happy or unhappy in your life. Readings can often provide ideas and thought processes you haven’t even considered before, which has the ability, if acted on, to completely change the direction of your life.

Readings are a great tool to use when you’re feeling stuck in a rut and want to shake things up. There are also great for getting clarity on the direction of your future. This helps you to prepare for future events or change the course as you see fit. Readings are a fantastic way to discover more about your own spiritual path. Lastly this time of year is the most popular for readings as people often like to look at the upcoming year as an overview and to get help setting personal goals.

When booking a reading, I always recommend that you get some information about the psychic first. What is their reputation? What style of readings do they do? What’s their credentials? Are you allowed to ask them questions? It’s important to know these things, because whatever is said to you will plant a seed in your mind. So it’s essential to be comfortable with the person you are opening up to.

At InSpirit Centre, we are pleased to feature many readers. The first is myself Barbara Ford. I offer multidimensional readings (including tarot, talking to loved ones who passed away, dowsing, energy scans and oracle cards), akashic records readings, and palm readings. Other readers offer Cartomancy readings with Tarot & Oracle Cards, or mediumship and crystal toss.

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