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5 Crystals To Enhance Your Personal Power


Spiritual Meaning: It is considered to be an especially magical crystal. It is used to help strengthen intuition through ”feeling” (Clairsentience). It works with the New Moon and is thought to have feminine attributes. In magical work it is often used to connect in with ancestors; both of your bloodline/family line and of your magical ancestral line.


Spiritual Meaning: It is a stone of “duality”. It connects you to the light and dark aspects of yourself and brings in harmony. It is shamanic in nature, and helps to connect to natural energies and communicate with elementals.


Spiritual Meaning: A truly powerful combination. Clear Quartz is thought to remove limitations in all levels while Epidote is used to increase personal power, and stimulate positive change. This combination is also used to draw prosperity, and to help you take action for positive change in life. It is also used to remove negativity.


Spiritual Meaning: Connects to your Root Chakra and your Heart Chakra, which assists you in making peace with your past and to let go of pains from the past. It helps to bring in harmony and to balance the yearnings of the heart with your current reality.

EYE OF SHIVA (Shiva Shell, Pacific Cat’s Eye)

Spiritual meaning: Used to open the third eye. Helps you to navigate between what is important and what isn’t. It represents the creation, preservation and destruction; all necessary for the growth of the individual and of the planet. It is used to ward off negativity and especially bad dreams.

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