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Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Paranormal Expert, Barbara Ford Barbar

Spiritual Advisor Holistic Practitioner  Reiki Master Paranormal Expert Group Facilitator

Co-Creator of the Inspirit Centre

Mark Pimento Retail Manager of Inspirit Centre

Perveyor of Mystical Treasures (Retail Manager)

Co-Creator of the Inspirit Centre

Christine Crystal Toss Psychic Reading I
Shop Assistant Manager
Group Facilitator
Fabric & Jewelry Artist
Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader Terri Portelli

Spiritual Advisor Holistic Practitioner 

 Reiki Master 

 Paranormal Expert Group Facilitator

Our Vision is to provide products and a space for individuals looking to lead healthier lives
through exploration of alternative therapies, and to encourage their spiritual development through
understanding of different faiths and self-awareness

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Paranormal Expert, Barbara Ford Barbar

Barbara Ford

Co-Creator of InSpirit Centre
Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Paranormal Expert, Group Facilitator

Barbara Ford is one of the creators and founders of InSpirit Centre, which received the Reader’s Choice Platinum Award in 2017 2018, 2019, and 5 Readers Choice Awards in 2020.


Barbara is a leader in the fields of Spiritual Development, Holistic Wellness and Paranormal Phenomena. 

She has been practicing many different types of spiritual work, holistic wellness methods and paranormal work since the early 90s and has studied under some of the best healers in Canada.

She is honoured to continue to receive teachings and guidance from Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Advocates and Leaders. Barbara participates in many indigenous practices, including working with medicines, drumming, dream work, advocacy, and more. This has helped her to reconnect with her own indigenous heritage and reclaim some of her family's lost culture.

She has training and experience with holistic healing techniques such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal Healing, Touch for Health, and Tibetan Energy Massage. She was honoured as the “Healer of the Month” April 2009, with the Ontario Holistic Registry, and featured in the LightWorkers Magazine in 2014.


In addition to workshops and meditations, she conducts Intuitive Readings, Paranormal Consultations and House Clearings. She has been voted the top paranormal expert in Canada since 2007 through Yahoo Answers (an online community of over 19 million worldwide). Barbara has been featured on multiple TV Shows as an expert regarding Holistic Wellness and Paranormal Phenomena. She is also featured in Richard Palmisano’s book “Meeting Place of the Dead” in 2014 for her consultations with the Searcher Group Paranormal Investigations and in Fritz Polzer’s Documentary on Paranormal Phenomena which was aired at the British Film Institute in 2016.


Barbara is a very accomplished and internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, and Tarot Reader. Her sessions are unique because they are considered multi-dimensional; she incorporated different tarot & oracle Cards, pendulums, photo reading, energy scanning, and mediumship of connecting in with loved ones  who have passed over. The purpose of her sessions it to help her clients see their situation from a new perspective. She does not tell people how to live their lives, but rather provides new information and perspectives  for the client to help them live their lives more authentically.


While in general she maintains her practice at InSpirit Centre, she does have extensive experience across the Greater Toronto Area and she has conducted sessions in person as far as Thailand, Jamaica, and across Canada and the USA . She has had clients come from all over the world to see her including coast to coast in Canada , coast to coast in the USA, Mexico, Guyana, Guatemala, Jamaica  Trinidad, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Belgium, France, England, Australia, Mauritius Islands, Russia. Barbara has also provided distance readings to people all over the world.

Barbara is very down to earth, and has a warm non-judgmental attitude making her sessions a life changing experience.


More information about Barbara
Testimonials & Education
Multidimensional Readings
Akashic Records Readings
Palm Readings
Spiritual Adivsory for Business
Professional Mentorship for Holistic, Intuitive & Paranormal Professionals
Crystal Healing
Spiritual Home Blessings & Clearings
Workshops & Meditations Offered

Mark InSpirit Centre Metaphysical Spirit

Mark Pimento

Co-Creator of InSpirit Centre
Perveyor of Mystical Treasures (Retail Manager)


Mark has been involved in all aspect of retail for over 32+ years. He has learned throughout his time in retail to learn how to find quality suppliers who operate with very high standards. Where possible, Mark will always choose to support local artisans and suppliers before reaching out to other across Canada and lastly to those abroad. Mark does a superb job vetting our suppliers, and creating long term positive working relationships.


Mark is very spiritual himself, and work toward expanding his mind through reading and workshops.


Mark is a Reiki Level One Practitioner, and works extensively with Feng Shui items and crystals.


Calling on his wealth of knowledge and a wonderful sense of humour he is always happy to talk with you. From salt lamps to crystals, he will help you find just the right spiritual tool, service or treasure for you,


Mark can be found most days in our shop managing the day-to-day operations of InSpirit Centre.


He is always happy to chat with you and assist you in choosing the best item or service to meet your needs.

Mark is also known for being able to find unusual items. So if there is something you want, Mark's the man to talk to!

Christine Crystal Toss Psychic Reading I


Psychic, Medium, Group Facilitator, Fabric & Jewelry Artist, Shop Assistant Manager

Christine has created her own unique style of readings, using a gorgeous cloth filled with symbology, that you toss a collection of crystals on. This innovative style of readings are great for anyone who wants to try something new, or who wants to get away from traditional cartomancy readings. Christine also provides insightful and often emotional mediumship sessions.

Christine is also our resident artist specializing in jewelry and fabric art. She also creates unique custom pieces, as well as jewelry modifications. Many of her beautiful pieces can be found in the InSpirit Centre Shop.


Christine has been a long-time student of the esoteric since early 2000s. She is also a practitioner of earth-based spirituality and witchcraft since about 2012. Christine has recently completed her fourth year-long apprenticeship in the Temple of Witchcraft’s Mystery School, and is working on her 5th level  - High Priestess with acclaimed Author and Witch, Christopher Penczak. 


Christine has received a great deal of training through Barbara Ford as well, including certificates in Reiki I, Reiki II, Akashic Records Level I, Crystal Connections, Mediumship, Advanced Intuitive Development, and so much more. Christine has also been part of Barbara's Paranormal Apprenticeship program for many years.

Christine also works in our shop part time and is always happy to share her knowledge on a broad range of metaphysical topics.
Christine works at the InSpirit Centre in Georgetown Ontario where she offers Crystal Psychic Readings using her own divination system, Mediumship sessions and many different craft and metaphysical workshops.  


She is very engaging and an amazing story teller. With her wealth of information she will keep you intrigued and entertained.


"Christine Ford is a very gifted and insightful reader. Her Crystal Pentacle Reading is incredibly unique. The reading I received include an amazing amount of information. Thank you and much gratitude Christine. "

Kat S., British Columbia

Crystal Toss Readings
Mediumship Readings
Reiki Master, Psychic Medium Terri


Reiki Master, Cartomancy Reader (Tarot & Oracle Cards), Medium, Numerologist,  Group Facilitator

Terri has been exploring the metaphysical and spiritual worlds for many years. As an avid reader and life-long learner, Terri has enjoyed delving deeply into holistic healing, intuition and earth-based spiritual paths.


Terri has mentored under Barbara Ford for many years. She has completed her Reiki training right up to the Reiki Master Level with Barbara. She has also had training and experience in Intuitive Development, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Mediumship, Crystal Connections, House Clearings, Curse Removals, Paranormal Phenomena and more. Terri is also a senior level Paranormal Apprentice with Barbara Ford. Terri also successfully completed many other modalities including Yoga, Mudras, and has become a Numerologist.


During this time she has really honed her skills as a world class psychic and medium.


Terri is comfortable with answering specific questions you may have in your reading, or provide intuitive message if you wish. She is also very skilled with connecting to your loved ones who have passed away, and sharing information that may prove to be healing and comforting. 

Terri has spent a lot of her life as a healer. As a Pharmacist for over 30 years, she has learned how modern medicine works and how it affects the body. She has translated this experience into her Reiki practice and has a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the most elemental component of the human structure - its energy.

“We are powered by energy; we use it, we feel it and we emit it.”

Terri Portelli


Terri has a calming welcoming energy that creates the perfect atmosphere for her sessions. It’s important to her to always be free of judgement with the intent of helping to create an opportunity for healing and learning for her clients. 


"Terri is an incredibly intuitive, caring and kind person, who sees the best in every one and every situation."

C.G. Cobourg, Ontario

"Terri  has been doing some readings [for me] for a year now and she has been able to predict many changes in my life that even I couldn't see coming. I always look forward to a new reading because she is skillful and speaks what the cards are saying. Good reading!"

A.G. Georgetown, Ontario

"I had a tarot reading with Terri. She was very thorough and honest. The cards don't always say what we want to hear but the truth is always for the best. Terri skillfully read the cards and relayed their message in a calm and understanding way . I look forward to our next reading."

Karen W. Halton Hills, Ontario

Cartomancy Readings (Tarot & Oracle Cards)
Mediumship Readings
Private Psychic Parties
InSpirit Centre Georgetown Ontario Metap

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