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3 Ways To Use A Singing Bowl

singing bowl

Singing Bowls go back as far as the 10th century in the Himalayas but only in modern times have we seen them worldwide. The bowl itself is constructed in a very specific manner so that when you run the mallet along the edge it will emit a beautiful sound, usually in 3 tones depending on how it is used. Here are 3 simple ways to incorporate it into your spiritual practice.

  • Use it before or after a prayer, meditation or healing session. Singing bowls are a great way to help shift your focus from your day to day activity to a moment of quiet and then back again when you’re finished.

  • Use it as a energy cleansing tool. It’s also believed that the clear tones of singing bowls provide a sonic cleanse and raise the vibration of a space and the people in it. So it’s a nice alternative to smudging for those who don’t want smoke in their space.

  • Clear your crystals. Put small crystals inside and ring the bowl. The sound is thought to help energetically clear your crystals.

Barbara Ford is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner &Paranormal Expert. She has been featured in magazines, a book, a documentary,many TV Shows book for her excellent work. Barbara is also a published author.To book a consultation or a reading please call 289-891-7711

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