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Harnessing Lunar Energy: How to Align Your Goals with the Moon's Phases

People have always been fascinated with the moon and her phases. Whether its because of our connection to cycles, counting time or deeper spiritual meanings, one thing is for sure, our love affair with the moon is alive and vibrant.

There are many ways to incorporate the Moon's Phases into your spiritual practices. Here are some wonderful ways you can incorporate into your life.

New Moon:  

A new moon is when the sun is on its other side, and therefore it isn't illuminated. The New Moon is dark, and blends with the night sky. Many say this allows the stars to appear brighter. The new moon represents new beginnings. This is a great time to start new projects or create new goals. Mark this time by lighting a white candle, and focus your mind on your goals, while looking at the sky.  Its also a good time to have a salt bath, or burn clearing herbs like sage to let go of any lingering negativity. 3 Crystals for working with the New Moon:

Black Moonstone: Helps to boost intuition, and connects you to your ancestors; both bloodline/family and magickal ancestral line.

Smoky Quartz: Calming and grounding, helps to remove fears and helps to promote positive thinking. Clear Quartz: Considered a master crystal. it will help undo blockages on all levels.

First Quarter & Waxing Moon:  

The Waxing Moon is half way between a new moon and a full moon. During this phase, the moon appears to be bigger every night. This phase represents hope, intentions and desire. This is a great time to be actively working towards the new projects, goals created during the new moon. Mark this time by meditating with SuperHit or Moon incense while looking at the night sky. Realign your energy and efforts towards your goals. Its also a good time to journal and create personal rituals to keep you on track.

3 Crystals for working with the Waxing Moon:

Carnelian: Is wonderful for helping draw new opportunities to you, and to help you see all of your options. Opalite: A stone of Transformation, helps you reinvent yourself and stay focused on your goals.

Peach Moonstone: Supports the emotional heart and is soothing as you work towards your goals.

Full Moon:  

This is when the moon is most illuminated by the sun, and the phase most people are familiar with. It represents completion of a cycle. This is a great time to reap the rewards of your goals and projects. Mark this time by cleaning your energy, your home, and your metaphysical tools (eg crystals, tarot cards etc). This is can be done by using a smoke bath with herbs like sage, lavender or mugwort. Metaphysical tools can be put in the window sill or outside to be refreshed by moonlight.

Its also a good time to clear your own energy. InSpirit Centre is pleased to offer free sonic energy cleanses anytime. Just pop in, any of our team members can do this for you.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to go for an evening walk, and connect with the moon. Feel your connection with something that is bigger than you, and finish your night by meditating with a silver candle.

3 Crystals for working with the Full Moon:

Rainbow Moonstone: It is used to help enhance psychic development, and encourage acceptance of your natural gifts and talents. The rainbow effects inspire balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Scolecite: considered to be a “high vibration” crystal. It resonates with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. It's used to instill a deep inner peace and spiritual transformation. Selenite: Spiritual meaning: Associated with developing spiritual awareness, helps to connect with the soul consciousness, clears energetic blockages, helps to fine-tune concentration during meditations.

Third Quarter & Waning Moon:  

Like the Waxing Moon, the wanning moon is between the full moon and the new moon, however, in this phase the illuminated part appears to get smaller. This phase represents a time of reflection and purging. This is a great time to declutter. Clear out what no longer serves you. Take stock of what you have, who you are, and what is important to you. Let go of negativity thinking and negative situations. Mark this time by lighting a black candle, and  meditate on releasing negativity and improving self-healing. Its a great time to book a reiki session or attend a group meditation. 

Its also the perfect opportunity to do some journaling to look at where you need to take more responsibility. Is there someone you need to apologize to? Now is the time. 

3 Crystals for working with the Waning Moon:

Shattuckite: Thought to help develop strong psychic energy, it t is also used to help you take responsibility for your actions both past and present. It helps to speak with integrity.

Nakaurite:  it is used to help you find your voice, feel more in control of your life, and to maximize your potential.

Apache Tear: Grounding, protective and helps to balance your energy.

One of the best things about a spiritual practice, is it allows you to work with the parts that resonate with your soul, and to leave away that which isn't suitable for you personally. I encourage you to find ways to connect with the moon and its energy in a way that best suits your spiritual pursuits and use it as a way to connect with something bigger outside of yourself.

About Barbara: She is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Paranormal Expert and Holistic Practitioner with over 27 years experience. She is know for her compassionate non-judgmental attitude and in-depth knowledge. Barbara is also one of the founders of InSpirit Centre and a key mentor for all psychics and readers at InSpirit Centre. To book a session with Barbara, or one of our other psychics please call 289-891-7711

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