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Self-Directed Online Courses

Self-directed online courses are a great way to learn more but in the comfort of your own home. Follow your own schedule, and enjoy quality programs 

Self-Care For Empaths: Online Course
By Barbara Ford


Do you feel the emotions of other people more intensely than the average person does? 
Do you often feel overwhelmed with busy places like shopping malls? 
Do you find yourself feeling exhausted after your work day? 
If you answered yes to these questions then you are probably an empath. 
Empaths and other energy sensitive people, need to take self-care seriously for their own well-being. In this 3 week program, we will explore a wide variety of ways that you give yourself the TLC so you deserve. 

Included in this program:
•    Physical methods to clear, ground and shield your energy
•    Mental methods to clear ground and shield your energy.
•    Effective daily self-care rituals
•    Safety plans for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

It also includes a valuable resource manual, and a printable certificate. 
Study at your own pace and begin to see the positive changes in your life.


*Please note this product is non-refundable.

How To Use A Pendulum: Intro To Dowsing  Online Course
By Barbara Ford

This wonderful self-directed course will walk you through all the steps in using a pendulum. It also includes lots of intriguing information including what the shapes mean, how to choose the right pendulum, how to ask questions and so much more. 

This course includes:

- 24 Page Workbook
- A link to an instructional Video (posted inside workbook)
- Self-Directed Test with Answer Sheet
- Printable Certificate

The workbook includes: What Is a Pendulum & Why Would You Use One?, Insightful History of Pendulums, Preparing For A Session, Ethical Responsibilities, How To Hold A Pendulum, Defining & Interpreting The Movements    Exploring the Significance of Shape, Materials: Wood vs Metal vs Gemstone, How To “Clear” Your Pendulum , Storing Your Pendulum, Tips For Questions, Sample Charts,                                 

This course was created by internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor Barbara Ford, who is also one of the founders of InSpirit Centre in Georgetown. Barbara has been providing quality spiritual, holistic and paranormal services since the mid 90s and is well respected in her field.



*Please note this product is non-refundable.

The Foundations Of Tarot Online Course
By Barbara Ford

The Foundations of Tarot is a phenomenal self-directed course that explores the tarot in detail, but in a way that is easy to understand. Go at your own pace.

This program includes:
- A Resource Manual (23 pages, including tarot structure, how to choose a deck, easy to understand charts with definitions for all cards upright and inverted)
- A Tarot Card Spreads Booklet (18 spreads, plus instructions on how to create your own spreads)
- A Workbook (3 Weeks of exercises, plus a 22 Day Tarot Challenge including 20 video links)
- A Certificate

About the Author: Barbara Ford is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor with over 22 years experience reading Tarot professionally, and over 14 years of teaching Tarot Programs. Her fun and warm personality shows through in this fabulous informative program.


*Please note this product is non-refundable.


We are happy to share that Barbara will be releasing many more online workshops over the next few months. So please check back regularly for lots of amazing options. :)

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