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Tips For Creating A Sacred Outdoor Space

Creating A Sacred Outdoor Space, Barbara Ford, InSpirit Centre

The benefits of spending time outside in nature has been well documented. It helps us to feel connected to the earth, and to see beyond ourselves. Nature helps us to feel more relaxed and peaceful. Heck it’s the reason we spend so much time, energy and money on our yards (its not actually about keeping up with the Jones for most people). Spring and Summer are the perfect time to bring your spiritual practices outside into your space (but there are benefits to doing it year round). Whether you pray, meditate, do yoga or any other form of spiritual practice, bringing it outside will help you to feel more rejuvenated and more content in your heart.

Start with deciding on a spot in your yard that will become your designated sacred space. This doesn’t have to be a big space. Even if you only have a small balcony or a patio you can still designate a small portion for your spiritual practice.

Next bring in something comfortable to sit on. This could be a chair, but it could also be a pillow or blanket, or even a hammock. Be creative this is your special space!

Add treasures that reflect how you want to use this space. This could include a small table for your tools, candle holders, chimes, bells, statues or even a small outdoor box to hold your supplies. Remember to keep it personal. It doesn’t matter what other people think; it’s what you want to use the space for.

Bring in the elements. Ideally your sacred space should incorporate the natural elements including: Water near a pond, or river is fabulous, but you can still have water in the form of a table top fountain, or mini reflecting pond to bring in the Water element. Earth the ground is best when possible, but also adding in crystals and rocks is a great way to bring in the Earth element. For Air; consider wind chimes, feathers, or other things to dance in the breeze like incense. A fire pot, tiki torches and candles draw in the Fire element nicely. You can extend your elements by adding in metal items such as chimes or figurines, or coins for the Metal element. Of course you have yourself for the Spirit element but pets, fairies and angels make a nice addition.

Lastly, smudge and dedicate your space. Now all that’s left to do is to enjoy it.

Barbara Ford is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner & Paranormal Expert. She has been featured in magazines, a book, a documentary, many TV Shows book for her excellent work. Barbara is also a published author. To book a consultation or a reading please call 289-891-7711

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