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4 Ways To Add Incense To Your Spring Cleaning

Incense and burners InSpirit Centre

All natural incense is a great way to enhance your spring cleaning and add natural scent to invoke positive moods in your environment: Spring is a great time to choose scents that are uplifting and light to raise your mood and your energy Eg, Lemongrass, Forest, Vanilla, Green Tea, Rose, and Lavender.

1. Place an incense stick on your window sill. As the sun heats it up, it releases a soft scent into room. 2. Place an incense stick on the dashboard of your car. A as the sun heats it up, it will create a beautiful scent in your car.

3. Walk through it with a lit incense stick to refresh the air after cleaning and dusting a room. It’s an easy way to add a bit of scent, but not have harmful chemicals in the space (hint: do this right before company comes over to enhance the welcome.) 4. Add a vase of incense sticks in your linen closet. This is a great way to keep the air in in a closet smelling fresh.

5. Add incense boxes or incense in an organza bag in your clothes drawers. Spread your favourite scent into your clothes and enjoy extending the experience.

6. Hide a lit incense stick in a potted plant either in the house or in your garden. The ash will fall into the pot, while the leaves help to diffuse the scent. Caution: be sure the stick is not too close to the leaves or stems as it could catch fire.

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