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Finding Happiness In The Life You Already Have

Happiness quote in sand InSpirit Centre

Pause for a moment….take a big breath….then have a good look around at your surroundings.

Where you are RIGHT NOW, has elements of things you only dreamed about having in your younger years.

Perhaps you are in a good relationship now which might have been something you wished for once upon a time. Do you have someone special in your life who has funny quirks. Someone who hugs you goodnight? Perhaps you are single again, and enjoying time and space to be your own person.

Perhaps, you have children now who run around and play and make noise. Kids who hug you and call you mom or dad, or even auntie and uncle. Think back and remember the time when you wished for them. When you wondered what they would be like.

Now have a good look at your home. Remember when you were a teen and couldn’t wait to have a place of your own? Look at your belongings. How did you get them? Is there good memories? Interesting places and stories about where they came from? Or do they just make you smile when you see them. Now have a look at where you work. Are there people who enjoy talking to? Are there elements of your job that you enjoy? Remember that right now, while children all over the country are heading back to school…many of them are wishing to grow up and have a job like yours. Remember when you daydreamed about being a grown up and going to work instead of school? Take a moment and allow the faces of your friends to fill your mind. People who love and support you. People who embrace your own quirks and unique style. Think of some of your funny memories and crazy times. These are the very people you wished for in your times of darkness. It’s so easy to keep our focus moving forward; solving the next problem, knocking off all the things you have to do in the moment, that its easy to forget that where you are NOW, is where you once wished to be. Taking some time to really see where you are and everything that is already good is a great way to find happiness you might even have noticed was there all along.

Barbara Ford is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner & Paranormal Expert. She has been featured in magazines, a book, a documentary, many TV Shows book for her excellent work. Barbara is also a published author. To book a consultation or a session please call 289-891-7711

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