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What Makes Zafu Meditation Cushions Different?

zafu meditation cushion InSpirit Centre

Zafus cushions are found in a wide variety of colours and patterns, but in general they look like a round throw cushion. However, unlike decorative pillows, zafu cushions are much more densely packed either with cotton, buckwheat, or other similar dense filling. The reason is that the dense packing helps the zafu to hold its shape over time, which is very important for its functionality.

There are 2 main ways to benefit from using a zafu cushion, the first is by sitting on the edge of the cushion with your legs crossed in front. This allows your back to remain straight which helps with better posture. This position allows you to keep your hips open for better blood flow through your legs.

The second method is by placing the zafu cushion upright against the wall, and lean your back against it while sitting on the floor. This allows you to stretch out your back and shoulders, which is great for people who work at desks or do other long term forward bending positions.

Both positions allow you to feel more comfortable for longer periods while meditating. When you're comfortable, your mind can focus better, and you can more easily find the peace you are working towards.

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