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Time Traveller Card Spread

One of the most alluring aspects of Tarot and Oracle Cards is the idea that they can be used to predict the future. I would guess, that this is probably the main reason why they have remained popular for hundreds of years. So I wanted to introduce to you a simple spread that you can use to predict the future.

Now keep in mind, that people all over the world view "FATE" differently. About 50% of the population views Fate as being set in stone. Something that cannot be changed or influenced. While the other 50% of the population view Fate as being more fluid. That our actions and decisions can influence the course of events. This is important, because how you personally view fate, will have a big impact on how you interpret your cards.

For myself, I believe that while some things are beyond our control, for the most part our decisions, actions and thoughts have a huge role in determining what type of a future we will have. I like to think of reading into the future as narrowing down the possibilities of the probabilities.

For this spread, you will need a deck that fully encompasses both the light and dark of life. I am a big fan of Tarot for this reason, but there are many excellent oracle decks out there that can do an excellent job of providing a balanced reading. In general, I recommend staying away from decks that are all light and fluffy. While they are fun to work with, for this spread, they cannot provide all the possibilities that are necessary for a good reading.

I also keep the card spread simple on purpose. By only pulling 3 cards your messages will be more crisp and succinct. This is important, because the more cards you pull, the more likely they are to muddy the message. This creates an opening for you to find what you wanted the answer to be rather than what it really is.

Begin with choosing a field or topic of life, or even better, a specific question. Next keep that focus in your mind as you shuffle the cards.

Next, I recommend cutting the deck into 3 parts. Then, put them back together in any order. This represents dividing out past, present and future. It creates order to the chaos of life.

The next step is to lay the cards, according to the spread. Now its time to read the cards according to their position. Take your time with this and notice what emotions arise within you. As best you can, be open to all possibilities. But the real truth will shine when you are able to let go of the ideas of how you want things to be, and be open to accepting what IS.

What If You Don't Like The Message?

This is where you view of Fate comes into play. If you believe Fate is set in stone and cannot be altered; then there is nothing left to do but accept the message. However, if you are like me, and believe your thoughts, decisions and actions impact your destiny, then there is more reading to do. I recommend pulling 1-2 cards, to see what can you do to change this fate.

The Bottom Line...

No matter your views on fate, this is a fabulous spread to help you see your life from a different perspective. Its helps to expand your knowledge, creative problem solving, build confidence and so much more.

Ultimately, the answer lies within you and time will reveal. Until then, have fun with your deck exploring the mysteries of your own life.

About Barbara: She is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Paranormal Expert and Holistic Practitioner with other 25 years experience. She is know for her compassionate non-judgmental attitude and in-depth knowledge. Barbara is also one of the founders of InSpirit Centre and a key mentor for all psychics and readers at InSpirit Centre. To book a session with Barbara, or one of our other psychics please call 289-891-7711

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