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Witchcraft & The Law: Update

Back in October we saw a woman in Milton and a Woman in North York charged with “Pretending To Practice Witchcraft” under a very old law that was in the process of repeal. Following them a third Ontario woman from Timmins was charged under the same law in mid-December.

In all three cases, these women are accused of using parlour tricks to convince vulnerable people that they were cursed, and that if the victim didn’t pay her increasing amounts of money; that the victim would experience even more bad luck and problems. The women posed as psychics, and in the case of the Timmins woman; as “The White Witch of The North.” There is no doubt, based on the information provided, that these women were preying on innocent people for the purpose of financial gain and the charges appear to be well deserved. The law (Section 365) along with other antiquated laws needed to be updated to reflect modern society and its values, and as such it was listed to be repealed under Bill C-51. We are pleased to share that the repeal was passed late December 2018, and the old law is stripped from the books moving forward. To be clear that does not mean that people are now free to defraud, con or threaten others through the use of religious, spiritual or psychic means. It just means that from now on those charges will come under fraud and extortion. As for the 3 Ontario women charged under the old laws, to the best of our knowledge, they will be tried under the old laws. If you suspect you have been a victim of a fake psychic scam, please contact the Fraud Department of your local Police Department.

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