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Beautiful Celestite; Spiritual Meaning & Fun Facts

Celestite Geode

Spiritual Meaning:

Celestite is a beautiful translucent soft blue coloured crystal, that is often seen as a cluster shape, or rounded geode. It is associated with helping you to connect in with divine angelic energy. Many people use it to help them bring infinite inner peace and serenity into their lives.

Celestite is thought to help with spiritual development by drawing in wisdom and understanding. Celestite is often incorporated into healing sessions and its soft blue hues make it an excellent choice when working on the throat chakra.

Fun Facts:

The largest known Celestite Geode is near Put-In-Bay Ohio. The Geode is 35 Feet at its widest part! It is now used a viewing cave! Where to Find It:

InSpirit Centre usually carries a variety of specimens, as well as polished tumbled pieces. Please visit us so you can see this beautiful gem in person, and feel its wonderful energy for yourself. Barbara Ford is an internationally recognized Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Practitioner & Paranormal Expert. She has been featured in magazines, a book, a documentary, manyTV Shows book for her excellent work. Barbara is also a published author. To book a consultation or a session please call 289-891-7711

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