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My Life Changing Adventure with InSpirit Centre

It’s been such an inspiring adventure being a part of the InSpirit Centre team since nearly the beginning. For almost ten years I have watched amazing growth - not just of the InSpirit Centre itself, but also its clientele. I have witnessed countless clients go through amazing,

transformative changes in their lives. Many have made career changes that felt more in line with their authentic being and divine purpose. Many have reshaped their entire lives and relationships for the better through their own personal spiritual practices and deep work. The InSpirit Centre has had no small role in that for many. I say this

from experience as I have undergone deep healing and massive, positive shifts myself since joining the team - first as a client, and then as an employee. I continue to be amazed at the growth in myself and of our beautiful clients.

Like many people, I arrived at InSpirit’s doorstep seeking something intangible, but feeling intuitively that I was going through a major shift and was hitting a spiritual crossroads of sorts. I felt compelled to seek some answers and healing that I needed for myself. I have seen many, many others do the same for themselves. Most people who come in with an open heart, can feel that this is truly a sacred space.

Every now and then I encounter people who look down their nose at such establishments and even at me as a psychic reader. I try not to take it too personally. Most people I’ve met who feel this way have never given it an honest shot or gone to a reputable establishment. More importantly, to accept such things as “sacred”, “real”, and “valid”, is to be brave enough to look deeply at oneself and the greatest questions we face as humans. Why are we here? Where did we come from? What happens when we die? Is there a God? What is my life purpose? Not everyone is willing to go there or to look too closely. It can be scary. It’s not our place at InSpirit to answer those questions for anyone, but to provide a safe space for people to explore…just explore…and be inspired and empowered.

Being free to seek one's own truth, no matter what spiritual path or walk of life, is at the heart of InSpirit's mission. For myself, when I first entered those doors, my life became more magical, and vibrant. InSpirit put the colour back into my life and I am forever grateful. Cheers to the journey forward in 2022 and cheers to our beautiful clients! May you find some InSpirited inspiration this year!

Christine Ford is an accomplished High Priestess with the Temple of Witchcraft, a medium, artist, facilitator and paranormal consultant. She provides a wide range of services including her own unique creation: Psychic Crystal Toss Readings. She brings a deep understanding of the mystic worlds, and a sense of humour. To book a session with Christine, please call InSpirit Centre 1-289-891-7711

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