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Doreen Virtue Changes Paths; And What It Means For You

Doreen Virtue has been a staple in the New Age scene since the 90s. She is best known for her angel oracle decks. She is a prolific producer; having released approximately 28 decks and 50+books, not to mention countless online videos. So it has come as a shock when in late August she announced via video that she no longer thinks divination, intuition and related practices are ok. In fact, in her video post she went as far as to say that she wants people to throw out her decks and books. In conjunction with this announcement, she shares that she is now a Born-Again Christian. This has left many feeling mislead & angry. That might even be your initial reaction too. So I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Oracle Cards, Tarot, and Books are all tools to help individuals on their paths. Doreen Virtue changing her path is only part of her journey; it doesn’t need to be part of yours. She is one person, and has her perspective but hers is not the only perspective. It’s important to find what works for you. If you enjoyed her decks in the past, there is nothing wrong with continuing to do so. If you prefer to express your spirituality in other ways, there is nothing wrong with that either. Either way, InSpirit Centre is here to help you on your path…no matter where it takes you.

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