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4 Tips About How To Avoid Psychic Scammers

This picture is a snap-shot of a common psychic advert you’ll find in any local newspaper.

Having a psychic reading from a reputable Spiritual Advisor can be an enlightening and comforting experience. But the polar opposite is also true; a psychic scammer can leave you feeling frightened, out of control, and financially destroyed. Here are some basic tips designed to help you make good choices:

  1. You are responsible for your own life: As you can see in the ad above, the psychic is promising to solve all of your problems in 24 hours; this is a significant tip that they are probably a scammer. A good Spiritual Advisor will share insight for you to consider when making your choices and they understand that ultimately you are responsible for your own life.

  2. Avoid the allure of an expensive quick fix: In the ad above, the psychic promotes the use of a variety types of spells to solve all your problems which is another typical scam. We live in a quick-fix society, however, the truth is life is often hard and making change takes time and effort. Trust in your own abilities to make good choices and seek help from quality people instead of putting money and faith into a scammer to solve your problems for you.

  3. Nothing is forever: Scammers always promise outlandish guarantees to draw you in just like in the ad above which promises life-long protection. In life; things are always in constant flux and change. Lifelong promises just aren’t feasible.

  4. Stick to your budget: When it comes to readings you’ll find some cheap and some expensive and everything in the middle, which is really no reflection of the quality of their service. However, that ultimately doesn’t matter anyway. What matters is that you don’t spend more than you can afford to spend and keep whatever they say in perspective. This is your life; you are the boss.

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