The Seekers Oracle Deck

Author Barbara Ford

4 Great Ways to Use The Seekers Oracle Deck

Daily Direction   *   Intuitive Readings   *    Meditation   *   Dream Work

Barbara Ford  put a lot of time, effort, and dare we say talent into creating a beautiful 45 card oracle deck that can be used 4 different ways. We’ve designed it to have layers of depth in meaning, symbolism and intuitive awakening information so that it’s a deck that can grow with you through the years.

This ground-breaking deck provides the depth and balance of light & dark found in tarot with the simplicity of oracle use. 

The detailed guidebook contains valuable information about how to use it 4 different ways. In addition each card has a detailed definition for a Mystical Meaning, Practical Upright Meaning, and Practical Inverted Meaning. 

No matter if you enjoy pulling cards for fun, or do readings professionally, our hope is that you will find something fulfilling and helpful with this beautiful deck. Thank you to everyone for your support of this exciting project. 

What Seekers Oracle Users Are Saying...

Finally a perfect deck from someone who reads, creates and markets spiritual material. Barbara Ford has understood the pulse of both the reader and the client. Her deck is a bridge which helps to communicate between the intuitive and the client. I wish her immense success on her maiden deck and look forward to more decks or should I say Models from Ford.

From Internationally Renowned Intuitive Tony Uberoi, Ontario
Tony has 33 years’ experience providing quality readings


I have just received my amazing seekers Oracle Cards and WOW! The energy as I held them! And oh! They are BEAUTIFUL. My best pack of oracle cards. The pictures speak to me so much that I know I am going to use these a lot. Already feel connected to them.


Nicky Peet, Bouaye France
Professional Psychic &  Energy Worker

What Seekers Oracle Users Are Saying...

Incredible deck. I have one and use it everyday. Never seen anything like it.  I'm not a card guy but...all I can say is when (I was) handed me the deck the energies went up my arm and WOW. Just WOW. Go to the store and see them.

Jody Maas, Ontario
Energy Worker


The Seekers Oracle byBarbara Ford-Pimento at InSpirit centre are seriously amazing. If you've ever had a reading with Barb, you would be able to sense the same comfort from the readings in these cards. They are charged with intention and comfort.

Alia Alloway, Ontario
Yoga Studio Owner


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