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Turning The Wheel At Beltane

The beginning of May marks the Pagan holiday of Beltane. Its European roots go far back to times of old with traditional Maypole dances, which are still performed today. The month of May also marks a time of year when the veil to the spirit realm is thin.

The month of May also marks a time of year when the veil to the spirit realm is thin. We see this in the Mexican traditions of Cinco de Mayo in celebration of their beloved dead. On the opposite side of the “Wheel of the Year”, we have Samhain which occurs around Halloween which also hails a time when the veil is thinnest. Samhain is a time when the plants are dying, but at Beltane nature has come back to life! Not only is the veil thin, but spring is in full swing boasting its full power and potential of fertility, growth, and renewal. Flowers are beginning to bloom, seedlings begin to grow, and wildlife emerges from a long, cold winter to survive and thrive.

No matter what cultural or spiritual path you are on, connecting to nature and her cycles is a great way to flow with the seasons and embrace all that it has to offer. Turning the “Wheel of the Year” can help us to reconnect to nature herself, awakening our ancestral memories and natural cycles. Even with the current stay at home order, there are many ways to celebrate alone or online. Here is a simple way to “turn” the Wheel of the Year and celebrate Beltane. Go outside in the early morning and find a grassy area where you can be barefoot. Close your eyes and smell the earth. Feel the damp grass underneath your feet. Feel the power and blessings of nature and the season. Try to sense the spirit of the season. Take three, slow, deep breaths and breathe in the energy of the season into your body. Imagine this healing energy filling you up completely. If there is dew on the grass, gather some up with your hands and smooth the water onto your face for beauty and blessings in the coming year. Then blow a kiss to thank Mother Earth. I hope you enjoy turning the wheel!

Blessed Be! Christine Ford is a High Priestess with the Temple of Witchcraft, an Artisan, a Spiritual Advisor and Paranormal Consultant. If you ever have a chance to sit with Christine to discuss Paganism and spirituality you will be blown away by her knowledge. She is also much sought after for her very unique fabric art as well as her gorgeous jewelry creations. Christine is known for her great sense of humour, and her honesty in her readings, and workshops. To book a session with Christine please call InSpirit Centre. 289-891-7711

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