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Oh No! Is that a "Bad" Tarot Card? Defining Good & Bad Cards

Often in Tarot readings, a card will appear in the inverted, or upside down position. Sometimes the card itself looks extra scary. When this happens, it is sometimes is followed by a gasp from the person having the reading with comments like

“Oh no!” or “This can’t be good”.

I think the better question to ask is “What does that mean?” because, we know, the meaning of the cards are not absolute; they are defined by a) the question you are seeking an answer

for b) the type of card spread being used, and c) the position of the card within the


The picture with this article is a sign that would get your attention because it is warning of danger. The sign itself is not dangerous and the danger is not imminent, just possible. What this sign is actually doing is telling you about a potentially dangerous (in this case, explosive) situation and giving you advice on what to expect and how to act.

This is the same with Tarot as well as Numerology. The cards and the numbers are neither good nor bad. Like this sign, they are defining a situation and giving advice on how to act

under certain circumstances. Of course, you always have the choice - you can heed the warning and advice given, or not.

Sure, Tarot cards and Numerology don’t always give you the message you want to hear but they’ll always give you the message you need to hear. By being open to different possibilities and outcomes you can have a more well-rounded approach to your decision making. It also gives you a chance to prepare when something unpleasant is coming your way. In the end, the cards just give us a glimpse of the possibilities. It is up to use to choose what we want out of life, and to work towards our goals.

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Terri Portelli is a Numerologist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader & Medium. She is well respected for her insightful knowledge and non-judgemental attitude. To book a session with Terri, or attend one of her courses, please give a call to InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

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