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Numerology Forecast for May 2021

Your monthly numerology forecast is based on your Personal Year Cycle which

is the numerical vibration that sets the tone for your year. Think of your personal year

cycle as a College degree and each personal month are the individual courses you take

to make up your degree.

To calculate your Personal Year Cycle (PYC), simply add up the month of your birth, the

day of your birth and the current year.

For example, if your birthday is April 29, then your PYC for 2021 is:

4 + 29 + 2+0+2+1 =>

33 + 5 =>

38 => 3+8=11

1+1 =2

For the year 2021, som

eone with the birthday of April 29 has PYC of 2

Here’s the Numerology forecast for May, 2021.

If your PYC is 1, your personal month for May is 6

You have duties and responsibilities to meet this month. Your focus is service, both to

humanity and closer to home where your focus is on family, home and hearth. If

marriage or starting a family is a possibility, this is a good time to put the finishing

touches on these plans. This month allows you to develop your creative potential to

create a sense of balance and beauty in your life.

If your PYC is 2, your personal month for May is 7

This is a good time to work o

n your inner development. May brings the support to

develop your intellectual side and put yourself into the right state of mind in preparation

for the high energy month that follows. This month, it’s all about quality, rather than

quantity of thought. You may feel the need for more time to yourself in May. Get out

into nature as much as you can this month.

If your PYC is 3, your personal month for May is 8

May brings you the energy and opportunity and ambition to act on new ideas. This is a

high energy month for you and sets the stage for new business opportunities and other

practical endeavours. Be sure to exercise good judgement and act in an ethical way

because karma rules under this vibration. You will reap what you sow..

If your PYC is 4, your personal month for May is 9

This is your month for tying up loose ends and bringing things to a close. It’s out with

the old and this is necessary in order to get ready for all the new and wonderful

opportunities that next month promises. Exercise tolerance and understanding because

this is a month where your compassion and wisdom can do a lot of good in a lot of


If your PYC is 5, your personal month for May is 1

This is a month for new beginnings and new opportunities. Make plans and, most

importantly, act on them. This is your month to more forward, have courage and make

plans. You have only one direction and that’s forward. You may not know everything

about where you’re going yet and that’s okay. Don’t fear the future.

If your PYC is 6, your personal month for May is 2

Focus on success through tact, diplomacy and harmony. Your skills for creating

cooperation and mediation are on point so play to these strengths because you might

need them. New partnerships are possible, either business, personal or romantic. An

existing relationship could also take a new twist. Be patient.

If your PYC is 7, your personal month for May is 3

This is a good time to let those creative juices flow! You could find yourself feeling

super inspired to express yourself. Stay focused and bring those fantastic ideas into

reality in a constructive way. Be careful not to scatter your energies too thinly.

Emotions may run high but that’s all part of your growth as you learn to express them.

If your PYC is 8, your personal month for May is 4

Sometimes you just have to put your head down and get the work done. It may not be

exciting or glamorous but it’s important and necessary. Remember that slow and sure

wins the race and the foundation and security you build this month will help prepare you

for the change and freedom of the coming month.

If your PYC is 9, your personal month for May is 5

In May, be ready for change and that calls on you to be flexible, versatile and open

minded. There’s an element of uncertainly and not knowing all the answers or exactly

where you’re going can be unsettling. Have trust in the Universe because it only wants

the best for you. Travel (but not too far) is a possibility this month. Exercise your freedom in a safe and constructive way.

Terri Portelli is a Numerologist, Reiki Master, Cartomancy Reader and Medium. She has been exploring the metaphysical and spiritual worlds for many years. As an avid reader and life-long learner, Terri has enjoyed delving deeply into holistic healing, intuition and earth-based spiritual paths. Terri is known for her relaxed and comforting nature. To book a session with Terri, please call InSpirit Centre 289-891=7711. Sessions available by person, phone and by zoom

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