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Hey Baby What's Your Number? Numerology & Relationships

We’ve all been in this situation; trying to understand another person’s viewpoint. It can

be uplifting and supportive and it can be equally frustrating and seem like an

impossible task.

Four different people can look at the same event and give four completely different

reports on what happened and what they saw.

Four students can be taught the same lesson with the exact same methodology, yet

not all four students will understand the lesson in the same way.

We now know that people learn differently; some people learn through visual cues,

some through auditory cues, some are tactile learners (hands on) and some, like

myself, combine these cues.

People also approach situations and problem solving through their body, mind, heart

and spirit and these are the avenues of communication through which we love, work,

dream, and express ourselves. Numerology seeks to understand the balance between

these four qualities in an individual.

These four levels of consciousness are called the Planes of Expression and they are

determined from the numbers in your name at birth.

These four planes are:

Physical - representing all things material, including the body

Mental - representing the mind and how we think

Emotional - representing our emotional being

Intuitive - representing the spirit and higher consciousness. It is your inner knowing

By breaking down a name to its numerical associations and then assigning those

numbers to the physical, mental, emotional or intuitive planes you see how a person

approaches life.

For example:

Mary has two children whose Planes of Expression in their names are as follows and is

trying to decide what kinds of activities to put them in:

Child 1 Child 2

Physical 8 Physical 4

Mental 5 Mental 1

Emotional 3 Emotional 6

Intuitive 1 Intuitive 5

Child 1 is higher on mental determination and using logic and reason, compared to

Child 2. High in curiosity and a practical thinker, this child likes to play with others,

most likely as a team captain (because leadership qualities are strong) and plays to win. A 3 on the emotional plane indicates imagination and 1 on the Intuitive plane

shows that their ideas are great...because they’re his/hers.

Child 2 is more emotional and intuitive than Child 1 showing more imagination than

mental determination and, 4 on the physical plane, would indicate a desire to turn their

inspiration and ideas into physical form. Child 2 can describe their ideas but don’t

ask him/her how they got it...they just know! This child would do well in an activity that

lets them express beauty and harmony....even music.

Does this mean that these 2 children will not have anything in common? Absolutely

not! Each child sees to their world through a different intuitively and one

logically, yet they share creative expression. If they worked together on a project, Child

2 would provide the creativity and ideas and Child 1 would provide the means to

make it happen.

As you may have guessed this type of dynamic between people would not only be a

great relationship tool, it would also be incredibly useful in the workplace; not only to

understand your coworkers/teammates but to be able to work together to each

person’s highest strengths.

The Birth Force Number (also known was the Life Lesson Number) is also a great

indicator of what each person brings to the table and the Planes of Expression

provides a deeper dive into this. Terri Portelli is a Numerologist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader & Medium. She is well respected for her insightful knowledge and non-judgemental attitude. To book a session with Terri, or attend one of her courses, please give a call to InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

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