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February '22 Numerology Report: It Takes 2 Baby. Sometimes More...

In the deep dark months of winter (which I personally enjoy as a chance for inner work that is uninterrupted by the summer activities that I also love), February whispers to us of things that lift us out of January blahs.

I’m talking about Valentine’s Day on February 14th and, following that in an oddly karmic way, Family Day on the 21st.

This year, the second month of the year in the year 2022 holds significance in a numerological way.

This is a month with repeating 2’s - 4 of them.

Zero takes on significance in different ways;

  • It stands for everything and nothing. In other words, it is full of potential that has yet to take form. It represents choice.

  • It is also an amplifier; put zero next to any number and the vibration is intensified by double.

2 Is Definitely Not A Lonely Number

This vibration, even on its own, speaks of connection. These connections could be romantic, of a business nature, friendship-based or even a new twist on an existing relationship. Try to think about what other things in your life can be brought together. Ideas? Approaches to a problem? Decorating styles? You are only limited by your imagination as to what needs balance in your life this month. If you need inspiration, look at the ‘two’ cards of the Tarot Minor Arcana. Enough said.

Like putting together a puzzle, this energy helps in the gathering of information and placing them where it’s needed to enhance harmony and facilitate any undertaking to success.

You Do Not Need To Go It Alone

In the spirit of partnerships (no pun intended) you have help available to you and you just need to ask. Be sincere about it and be open to receiving it, okay? Being receptive calls on your feminine energy and here is the opportunity in February to develop your feminine aspects and bring the masculine and feminine sides into more balance.

Being strong and/or successful is not about doing it all yourself but knowing when to ask for help. So ask. It can go something like this:

“In Divine unconditional love and Divine light, I ask for………”

Depending on your Birth Force Number (what we bring with us into this life) this can be more challenging for some of us. Someone with a Birth Force of 1 or 8 is used to working alone and leading rather than working together. A Birth Force 7 values more alone time than most and, again, joining forces with another may seem like giving up independence but know this:

The Universe is a benevolent creative intelligence and only wants what is best for us. If you are being called to explore this aspect of yourself, it’s because there is a need for you to learn something about yourself that will enhance your growth.

This is a two-way street so, at the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are asked for help (and you are able to) then help.

Combine This With 2022

Are you ready to dial it up? (hint: the answer is yes)

The multiple 2’s in February are telling you of a powerful connection that will help align you on your path in a truly profound way.

A few years ago I went to a weekend yoga retreat. While I knew some of the women from my yoga class, there were also some I was meeting for the first time. One of the women had brought her mother with her and introduced me to her. We both reached out our hands to each other simultaneously and in the instant our hands touched we each felt a pronounced ‘jolt’ that traveled both from me to her and her to me in the same moment. Her comment was simply “Oh!” then we both laughed. After that weekend, we lost touch however, the message from that experience has stayed with me and become a part of my truth by filling in a blank space within me that we are more than physical beings and the connections we make, no matter how brief, exist on many levels beyond the physical.

The multiple 2 vibration may also bring you more closely in touch with your spirit guides, if that is part of your belief system, or your loving ancestors. The point is this; your spiritual cheerleading squad is ready, willing and able to give you the guidance you need. Even if you’re going through a tough time right, now, your guides have got this and, even though it may not feel like it, things will work out according to a higher plan, believe it or not (and that’s your choice).

Of course, you can ask for help at any time; the message this month is like a giant billboard surrounded with flashing neon lights right outside your bedroom window letting you know that you are not alone and we live in a loving universe.

Terri Portelli is a Numerologist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Medium & Paranormal Advisor. Terri has many years experience and she is well respected for her insightful knowledge and non-judgmental attitude. To book a session with Terri, or attend one of her courses, please give a call to InSpirit Centre 289-891-7711

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