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10 Surprising Uses For Reiki

reiki at InSpirit Centre

Calling All Reiki Practitioners; Did you know that there are many of uses for your reiki skills besides working on friends, family and clients? Here is my top 10 uses for Reiki that I invite you to give a try.

10. Garden - Anything growing in your garden will benefit. Trees absolutely love energy of any kind; reiki and love are their favourites! Remember your houseplants. (side note: any garden pests that happen to be in the ‘line of fire’ may also benefit so remove them if you can)

9. Pets – Animals know good energy when they feel it. It’s best to take a passive approach - let them come to you, take what they need and leave.

8. Food - Give your food extra energy benefits with reiki. Be sensible though, a reiki’d apple is still better for you than reiki’d nachos. This includes drinks.

7. Clothing – Taking some extra time to reiki your clothing can help you to feel fabulous all day long.

6. Car - Before any road trip, take a moment to reiki your car. This can help you to keep focused and encourage a safe trip.. Remember - you are still responsible for maintaining a safe vehicle and driving responsibly.

5. Your Work Space - Clean up any tense, angry, anxious energy from the day before. It’s like giving your workplace a shower.

4. The Bedroom - Who doesn’t want to improve their sleep? Taking a few minutes to reiki your room before going to bed can encourage a peaceful space and a better night’s sleep.

3. The Earth - Make this a daily practice because our home; the earth is very important and needs our help more than ever.

2. Other People - Helping others has a domino effect so why not pay it forward?

1. Yourself - Make this a daily practice. Being at your best makes you able to help others.

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